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August 7, 2017
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SEO News Recap – 8-13 August

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Why You Should Target Topics, Not Keywords

As search engines like Google get wise to what their users want, their technology catches up,

Search is changing. The influx of new devices that people are using – Smartphones, tablets,
virtual assistants, Smart TVs, etc. – along with the move to lots of voice control, has
influenced what your average search query looks like.

Searches are longer and more precise. People are asking specific questions when they look for
answers on the web.

These changes filter down to us, the ones writing for those all-important SERPs.

Read the full article here.


Keyword Research: What Matters and What Doesn’t

Let me be blunt: the secret sauce of pushing your small business upward in SERPs is being
realistic. Yes, you can get in the top 10 results, but only for the right keywords.

This doesn’t mean you have to make compromises. On the contrary. Being realistic is what brings
you results. And when I say results I mean leads, clients and, yes, cold, hard cash.

Let me exemplify what being realistic means. Four months ago, someone read one of the articles
I publish here. She decided to hire my agency to help in boosting her content and SEO.

The client was the owner of a small business in a small town. For confidentiality purposes,
let’s say she was selling wedding dresses.

Do you know what the first keyword she wanted to rank for was? Yes, that’s right, wedding
dresses. She had done her research and found there are a lot of people searching for this.

Of course there are.

But this doesn’t mean they would find my client. No matter how much this small business
invested in content and SEO, fighting for the first 10 positions in SERPs with huge companies
and designers would have been futile.

So we suggested another approach, one that brought results aka clients.

Here’s what we did.

Read the full article here.


Does it matter what department your SEO team is in?

Whether in an agency environment or inside a business, your SEO team is affected by where it’s
placed within the organization.

But first, a caveat: there isn’t one correct answer for how every company or agency should do
things. With that said, understanding the influences in play with certain organizational
placements can help you make wiser decisions as you look at the logistics of categorizing an
SEO team.

So what are the options for where you locate your SEO team?

Read the full article here.


UK local SEO firm Movette shut down by regulators for deceptive sales practices

Firm falsely implied it was affiliated with Google and signed SMBs up to recurring annual
contracts worth from $250 to more than $300.

Almost everyone, it seems, has received one: a call falsely claiming that your business listing
on Google is about to expire. Many people also receive deceptive robocalls from marketing
companies claiming to represent or be authorized by Google.

One such UK-based company, Movette, was just shut down by regulators for using fraudulent
tactics to sell a Google My Business (GMB) listings management service. The firm reportedly
convinced numerous small businesses to sign auto-renewing annual contracts, worth between £199
to £249 ($260 to $324, approximately) to manage GMB listings on their behalf.

Read the full article here.

I’m Andreas, the founder and owner of BullSEO. I’m a former busker, painter, turned IT geek at the (very) late age of 22. After 8 years of IT&Sec adventures, I left it all behind and started my own blog. SEO and Online Marketing techniques came naturally on the way.

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