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SEO News Recap – 3-9 July

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5 Urgent Reasons to Improve Your Organic CTR Rate Right Now

Links are essential to SEO success. Content is king.

We’ve been hearing these two mantras repeated by Google spokespeople in blog posts and videos, by experienced SEOs in countless articles here on Search Engine Journal and on other industry sites, and by some of the smartest speakers during keynotes and sessions at the best industry conferences, like SMX.

Everyone knows this. Links and content are barriers to entry in today’s digital world.

But even having an excellent link profile and some of the greatest content on the web won’t guarantee you SEO triumph and top SERP positions. After all, your true competitors also know they have to build an amazing link profile and create the greatest content they can dream up.

Read the full article here.


11 Landing Page Optimization Case Studies to Read Now

An idea for an A/B test can come from anywhere, but there’s nothing like a stack of case studies to inspire you to attack your own landing pages to see what you can accomplish.

Are you really happy with the conversions you’re getting from your pay-per-click campaigns, or can you squeeze out a little more lift?

Here are 11 landing page optimization case studies to get your neurons firing.

1. Dewalt (Black and Decker) Increases Conversion with Button Text Change

DeWalt is a well-known, trusted brand under the Black and Decker umbrella. The brand has a very distinct sales funnel with call-to-action buttons placed throughout the site that are integral to the purchase path of consumers.

DeWalt wanted to test various calls-to-action with the goal of driving more visitors to vendor landing pages and increasing the purchase of power tools.


Read the full article here.


An Introduction to International SEO

Many people refer to any non-English or non-U.S. SEO strategy as international SEO. But this definition is far too narrow. International SEO is any organic search campaign that is targeted outside one’s native language or country.

This means that a UK marketer working for a British company building an SEO strategy in the U.S. is practicing international SEO; likewise, an American creating an SEO campaign for Canada is also doing international SEO.

Acting as if all English-speaking countries are one and the same when it comes to SEO misses out on all the cultural nuances between nations.

Having lived for two years in Singapore, an English-speaking country, I have a better understanding about how a non-U.S. searcher might feel seeing their search results “polluted” with foreign websites, even with a well-known brand like Best Buy (which doesn’t ship products to Singapore).

Read the full article here.


How to Become a Successful Freelancer

So, you want to be a freelancer. (Or, entrepreneur if you don’t like the freelancer title.)

Maybe you are tired of toeing the corporate line. Maybe you are just ready to be your own boss. Perhaps the corporate 9-to-5 just doesn’t work for your life. Or maybe you just want to work on more fulfilling projects.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to become a freelancer or entrepreneur, the journey is an exciting one. And sometimes scary. I have been a full-time freelancer for more than two years now. Today, in addition to working with the awesome SEJ team, I also edit, write, and consult for small businesses and big brands like Hard Rock Cafe, Travelodge, and Best Western.

Getting to this point wasn’t easy, but if I can do it I am confident anyone who is dedicated can, too. I am not particularly special. I am not ride-or-die dedicated, either. I just knew I didn’t want my life to be lived between 6 p.m. when I got off of work and 11 p.m. when I went to bed. I didn’t, as the song goes, want to be working for the weekend. So I went freelance.

Read the full article here.

I’m Andreas, the founder and owner of BullSEO. I’m a former busker, painter, turned IT geek at the (very) late age of 22. After 8 years of IT&Sec adventures, I left it all behind and started my own blog. SEO and Online Marketing techniques came naturally on the way.

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