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A founder's love for Bull terriers, SEO and non-profit causes

I’m Andreas, the founder and owner of BullSEO. I’m a former busker, painter, turned IT geek at the (very) late age of 22. After 8 years of IT&Sec adventures, I left it all behind and started my own blog. SEO and Online Marketing techniques came naturally on the way. Why BullSEO? The simple answer is: because I’m passionate about bull-terriers and SEO. The long-form is more insightful and I'll cover it in a future blog post. I’m involved in various non-profit causes (environment, animal rights, human rights, etc), providing free SEO services and advice. I’m a strong believer that the future of Local and Small Business marketing consists in affordable services, made available for everyone.


All-in-one Local and Small Business SEO services

The SEO scene has constant ups and downs: gone are the days of SEO agencies that offer only specific SEO services. Your online image needs more than targeted keywords, thin content and basic Social Media optimization - if any. Still, one major factor never changed: the need of targeted traffic and potential customers for your website. Through our combined Local and Small business SEO strategies, we offer just that: quality SEO and Wordpress web design services at affordable prices. Up-to-date knowledge of SEO best practices and a strong understanding of the needs for your local or small business are the key to growing your website and making the SEO investment pay off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you share with your customers all changes made to their website?

SEO usually requires a number of changes to the existing webpage coding. Our team provides detailed weekly and monthly reports and we pride ourselves with the quality of our work: between us and our clients, there are no secrets. Our reports cover everything: from On-Page to Off-Page SEO implementations and changes, all are reported and documented.

What about ranking No 1 in Google Search?

Nobody can guarantee any place in the search result pages. Google guidelines warn SEO agencies that promise No. 1 rankings - "nobody can guarantee your place in the SERP results". Still, there are things that we can control and thus guarantee: approved SEO methods, results driven through quality content, focus on branding and targeted customers. The latest Google algorithm updates, „Panda”, „Penguin” or "Mobilegeddon", focused on penalizing those who tried to increase their rankings at the top by using "fishy" tactics to attract more visitors. We all want a better customer experience and quality services and we made this our own mission for success.

How long does it normally take to see SEO Results?

This is a question we get asked a lot. It usually depends on various factors such as keyword competition, niche, etc. We had businesses that ranked in 4/5 months on the 1st page of organic search results and websites that took 12 months until they started ranking for their main keywords. SEO isn't an overnight strategy.

How much does SEO cost?

Our SEO services prices for local and small business can vary greatly. Most of our packages are between 250 and 500 Euros per month – depending on the type and niche of your local or small business website. For bigger projects and websites (online stores, etc) the prices tend to be higher. As we mentioned, our SEO services are affordable but not cheap. Agencies who offer SEO services at very low prices usually tend to “cheat” their ways around, use 'black-hat' techniques or improper SEO strategies, resulting in penalties and decreases in traffic for unsuspecting business owners.

Should I also use PPC or Facebook Ads?

Google Adword’s Pay Per Click service is another great way to supplement your SEO efforts, and can help increase relevant traffic to your website. The disadvantage of a PPC or Facebook Ads campaign is that it lasts as long as you can afford paying for it – in comparison to organic SEO services, which are recommended on a longer term. A combination between Organic and Paid strategies is ideal.

Do you do your SEO services in-house or hire a third party?

All the services presented on this website are done in-house. They include both local and small business SEO services and Wordpress web design or our upcoming 1-on-1 comprehensive SEO training sessions. We can help and recommend designers if you need a new logo for your website, hosting services - if you just bought a new domain, but we will never outsource our services to any third party or freelancer.

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